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April 17, 2008 / Adam Jay Doolittle

Taklimakan Desert

Taklimakan Desert

April 16, 2008 / Adam Jay Doolittle

Panda Reserve in Chengdu China

April 16, 2008 / Adam Jay Doolittle

Panda Reserve in Chengdu, China

April 15, 2008 / Adam Jay Doolittle

Urumqi Night Shot

Urumqi Street at Night

April 9, 2008 / Adam Jay Doolittle

The Hike Up Screaming Mountain



April 8, 2008 / Adam Jay Doolittle

Screaming Mountain

screaming mountain



(a view from the top of Screaming Mountain)

April 7, 2008 / Adam Jay Doolittle

Architecture of Shaoxing

Architecture of Shaoxing

Shaoxing has a very distinct style of architecture, white-washed walls with dark trim and roofing. Below you’ll see a roof line of shaoxing, the yellow building sticking out is a monastery, as yellow, in China, remains exclusive for monasteries.




April 6, 2008 / Adam Jay Doolittle

Fresh Green Tea in Shoaxing

Tea Plantation in Shoaxing

First we had to walk to the tea plantation, shown here with green tea bushes on both sides of the road.

Picking Green Tea

Then we had to pick the green tea leaves, but it’s not just any leaf. Apparently the best green tea is from the shoots of new leaves. The mature, dark leaves are sold to Lipton to make, what the Chinese call, crap tea. I, however, can’t taste the difference.


(The owner of the plantation)


Next comes frying the tea leaves and balling the leaves.


Then the rolled tea leaves are put in the cut, but without any bag or strainer, while hot water is poured into the cup. Finally, drinking the tea comes next — the freshest tea I’ve ever had.


April 5, 2008 / Adam Jay Doolittle

Shoaxing Bridge at Night

Shoaxing Bridge at Night

April 4, 2008 / Adam Jay Doolittle

Night in Shoaxing

Nightime in Shoaxing