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August 20, 2009 / Adam Jay Doolittle

Design Ideas for


Take a look at the logo and website ideas, then leave a comment about likes/dislikes and we’ll go from there.
This is the first logo idea for the website, and we’ll be able to change any thing on this image (the colors, etc.)orchardguy2

Web page Design Ideas


  1. On this design near the bottom where you see the ‘Category’ title and links, I was thinking of putting links to products. Second, where you see ‘Archives’ I was thinking of putting recent news/blog posts. But we can also put a product and discription on each column. Here’s an image of what the ‘About’ page could look like. In the blue boxes to the left of the page, we could put links and images to products, recent news, a newsletter sign up, etc.–almost anything you can think of.
  2. design2Design #2 is similar, however, I was planning on having the home page include more products instead of text. So, as you see the peach images in the boxes to the right and left, just underneath, we can include product images and descriptions (with links to more info).

One Comment

  1. jon / Aug 20 2009 11:01 pm

    I think the pages to the website are very good. They remind me of how Saunders Orchard (my supplier) has his site set up. Also, I love the Orchard Guy “the freshness” thats awesome. good job. Ima try to get everything together by Saturday. This will work out exactly right because peach season is goin out and the apples are comin in. That way we can see if the website will work.

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