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July 9, 2008 / Adam Jay Doolittle

Propaganda: The Best Student Spot in Beijing

Like any great club should, Propaganda serves up the best dance and drinks for the student crowd. Students fill the downstairs floor almost every night, but dance is only as good as the drinks behind it. And Propoganda hits the drinks on price as well.

Most of the drinks come in the 20-50 RMB price range, as for their signiture drink the Propaganda, is the most expensive. For those dancing budget lovers, Wednesday night Propoganda is the place to be with all you can drink for 50RMB for ladies and 70 RMB for guys. But, go before a crowd shows up because Wednesday nights get insanely busy and later in the night it’s almost impossible to grab a drink.

As for the music, don’t expect anything but the latest great dance music. Hip hop/rap blasts through the lower floor with local students loving every minute. It’s frequent visitors show a nice blend of local Chinese with foreign students.

Apparently, as I’ve been told, look for the skecty, old white guy who will be dancing by himself in the corner — he’s even made it to YouTube.

With the great hits, the cheap drinks, and the young crowd Propaganda gets the Students Spot award.

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